2) A Treat for Dad: Delicious Menu Ideas for Father’s Day Afternoon Tea


Father’s Day is a very special day that only comes once a year. This is the day when all children honor their fathers, thanking them for their love, guidance, and support. This year celebrate Father’s Day with a special Father’s Day afternoon tea menu that will delight your dad.

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Menu Ideas

Planning an afternoon tea menu for your dad on Father’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little creativity, you can whip up a delicious and memorable tea that will be a treat for dad. Here are some Father’s Day menu ideas to get you started.

1. Start with Savory Bites

No afternoon tea is complete without savory bites to complement the sweetness of the desserts. You can prepare many easy-to-make savory treats for Father’s Day afternoon tea. One of the best options is mini quiches. These little bites of heaven are packed with savory flavor, and even the most discerning dads will love them.

To make these mini quiches, you need to prepare the crust and filling. Mix some flour, salt, and butter to form a dough for the crust. Roll out the dough and press it into a mini muffin cup. For the filling, beat some eggs, cream, cheese and add some cooked bacon or ham, chopped spinach, and drips of hot sauce. Spoon the filling into the crusts. Bake them in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes until golden brown. Serve the quiches warm with a dollop of sour cream or a bowl of soup.

2. Add a Selection of Sandwiches

A selection of sandwiches is a must-have for any afternoon tea menu. You can use your dad’s preferred fillings, or you can be adventurous and try new combinations. One of the best combos is chicken, bacon, and avocado sandwich. To make it, grill a chicken breast, then toss it with some cooked bacon, slices of avocado, red onion, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Spread the mixture on some toasted bread slices, then cut them into bite-sized pieces. Arrange them on a tray, and your dad will love this refreshing sandwich.

Another delicious sandwich option is smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches. Spread some cream cheese on a slice of toasted bread, then top it with slices of smoked salmon, lemon, and a sprinkle of dill. Fold the bread slice in half and cut it into small triangles. Arrange them on a serving platter, and watch your dad savor these scrumptious bites.

3. Serve Sweet Treats

A Father’s Day afternoon tea would be incomplete without a selection of sweet treats. You can prepare some simple yet delicious desserts that your dad will love. One of the easiest options is chocolate-dipped strawberries. Simply melt some chocolate, dip the strawberries in it, and let them cool before you serve them. These sweet, juicy bites are sure to please your dad’s sweet tooth.

Another option is to make mini fruit tarts. To do this, you can buy premade pastry shells at the grocery store, then fill them with fresh fruit and cream. Fresh berries, kiwi, and mango are all excellent fruit options. For the cream filling, you can use whipped cream, a pastry cream, or a cheesecake mixture. Drizzle some honey on top of the tarts for some extra sweetness.

4. Pair with the Perfect Beverage

Pairing the right drink with your Father’s Day tea menu can make all the difference. You can choose from different types of beverages depending on your dad’s preferences. One of the best options is iced tea. You can make classic iced tea using tea bags, sugar, and ice or mix it up by adding some lemonade to make an Arnold Palmer. If your dad prefers something stronger, you can offer him his favorite cold beer or ale.

Alternatively, you can opt for a hot drink. If your dad loves coffee, a cappuccino or latte would be the perfect option. Or if he prefers tea, there are dozens of tea varieties from which to choose. Some dad-staple teas are Darjeeling, Earl Grey, or Lapsang Souchong.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Afternoon Tea

If you’re new to afternoon tea, it can be a little overwhelming to organize. However, it doesn’t have to be. With these tips, you can create the perfect Father’s Day afternoon tea.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your Father’s Day afternoon tea can make it easier to plan and add a personal touch to the menu items. You can choose a theme that your dad enjoys. For example, if your dad loves fishing, you can have a fish-themed tea. You can decorate with fish-shaped cookies, serve fish pate sandwiches, and have mini goldfish crackers. Be creative and incorporate items related to your dad’s interests.

Decorate the Table

Decorating the table for your Father’s Day afternoon tea doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You can use your dad’s favorite colors to decorate the table. For example, if your dad loves blue, you can use blue plates, napkins, and tablecloths. You can also add some fresh flowers or a centerpiece to make the table look even more special.

Prepare Early

To avoid last-minute stress, prepare as much food as you can the day before the tea. Some items like mini quiches and sandwiches can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve them. You can also set the table the day before the afternoon tea, so that all you need to do is bring out the food.


Father’s Day is a special time to show your dad how much you appreciate him. Hosting an afternoon tea is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your dad while enjoying some delicious treats. With these ideas and tips, you can create a memorable and scrumptious Father’s Day afternoon tea that your dad will love.