2) Celebrate Dad in Style with an Elegant Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Party

Celebrate Dad in Style with an Elegant Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Party

Father’s Day is approaching quickly, and it’s time to start planning for a celebration that truly impresses. Sure, you can always give him a gift card or take him out to a fancy dinner, but why not give him something different this year? An elegant Father’s Day afternoon tea party is just the thing to make the day extra special for your dad. Here are some tips on how to make it happen.

Choose the Right Venue

First things first, you need to pick the right venue for your Father’s Day afternoon tea party. While you can host it at home, opting for a venue such as a garden, park, or hotel can add a touch of elegance to the occasion. A venue with beautiful scenery creates the perfect backdrop for the event, while a hotel provides top-class service, helping you to impress your dad.

Brew the Perfect Tea

Tea is the centerpiece of any afternoon tea party, and getting it right is essential. Choose high-quality teas, like Darjeeling, Jasmine, and Earl Grey. Serve loose-leaf tea in a teapot and let it brew for the right time to get it just right. Keep in mind that different types of tea require a different brew time. Add milk and sugar to each cup to taste, and present them on a tiered cake stand, placing the cream teas and delicate sandwiches on the top tier, scones in the middle, and cakes on the bottom, to create an attractive spread.

Upscale Finger Foods

A traditional Father’s Day afternoon tea party menu is all about delicate, bite-size finger foods. Most finger foods are made with fresh and vibrant ingredients that celebrate the season and give your dad a delicious surprise. You want to keep the finger foods light and not too filling. You can offer delightful finger sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, roast beef, and cream cheese, savories like sausage rolls, pies, and quiches to make the spread impressively diverse. Also, be sure to add a selection of biscuits, cakes, and scones served with clotted cream and jam.

The Perfect Table Setting

A beautifully-set table with elegant serving ware provides the perfect setting for Father’s Day afternoon tea party, making the occasion even more charming and memorable. Use crisp white table linens, elegant china, and polished silverware to create an engaging atmosphere. You can also choose a floral centerpiece or fresh fruits as table decoration to add flair to the appearance.

Showcase the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day afternoon tea party is about surprising your dad with something special. Ensure that you plan around his likes, especially when it comes to the gift – perhaps some of his favorite books or sports merchandise. One great gift idea is to have your dad’s photo on the teapot or a family photo in the centerpiece. You can also present him with a hamper filled with luxury tea and biscuits to take home.

Create a Unique and Personal Touch

While you can always opt for traditional activity like the usual board games, adding a unique and personal touch to your Father’s Day afternoon tea party can create an unforgettable memory. You could indulge in dad’s interests – so, if he loves sports, decorate the party venue like a mini stadium, have an energetic quiz about his favorite team, or even organize a mini football game. You can also have a memorable activity like photo booth with props.

Final Thoughts

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create a moment to cherish with your dad, and an afternoon tea party can make it even more special. An elegant celebration with high-quality tea, upscale finger foods, and a perfect table setting, alongside the perfect gift, makes a thoughtful and memorable event. Add a unique and personal touch with a surprise gift and dad’s favorite activity, and you’ve got a Father’s day celebration that he will never forget.

In conclusion, with these tips, you can make your dad feel extra special and enjoy an unforgettable Father’s Day afternoon tea party. The key is to plan and prepare well in advance, ensure that guests are entertained and that there is enough food for everyone. Once you’ve set the scene, it’ll be an effortless and relaxed magical moment for everyone involved.