2) Spoil Dad with a Sophisticated Afternoon Tea Experience this Father’s Day

Spoil Dad with a Sophisticated Afternoon Tea Experience this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s an opportunity to appreciate all the love and guidance that dads offer. While gifting gadgets is an easy way to show him how much you love him, why not make his day more special with an elegant afternoon tea?

Here are some tips on how to make your father’s day memorable with a sophisticated afternoon tea experience.

Location matters

The first step is to choose the right location. Instead of serving brunch at your home, try booking a table at a sophisticated restaurant. A hotel or a select tea room is perfect. It gives you a sense of luxury and romantic scenery, and it’s where you can relax and spend quality time.

Affordable elegance

Afternoon tea does not have to be expensive to be elegant. There are many affordable options that offer the same quality for a fraction of the cost. Research for various options, and you can be sure to find something that suits your budget. Also, some restaurants offer special discounts for Father’s Day, so be sure to check this out.

Choose a themed menu

Some restaurants offer themed menus that can add an extra layer of sophistication to your afternoon tea experience. Whether it’s seasonal, cultural, or historical themes, restaurant owners create menus that complement the occasion. This could be a perfect way to step up the experience, let dad delight in the themed menu as well.

Go classic or try something new

The classic afternoon tea has a British origin and comprises a variety of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a selection of cakes and pastries. While you can’t go wrong with this option, you could also opt to try something new. How about an afternoon tea with Chinese dim sum, seafood, or even a vegan option? It’s a great way to switch things up and create a memorable experience for dad.

When in doubt, choose the Gin option

If you are confused about choosing a tea blend or beverage to accompany your afternoon tea, then try a classic gin and tonic or a gin cocktail. Over the years, gin has become the favorite timeless beverage to enjoy with the typical afternoon tea. The depth of botanical flavors and aromatic notes of the gin impeccably balances the long-standing tea tradition. It’s an excellent way to indulge in this popular tradition with a new twist.

Role reversal – let dad be the judge

To add an extra layer of fun, switch things up and allow dad to be the judge. Instead of only choosing the menu, let him do the ratings on items such as teas, pastries, table settings, and staff. It’s always great to be able to give dad a voice and have him experience a position of power.

Affordable luxury items

If you’re looking to take the experience a notch higher, add some affordable luxury items like quality chocolates, a thoughtful gift card, or a mini liquor set. These items can be presented in a personalized gift box, adding an extra touch of luxury.

Unwind with a cigar

What completes a sophisticated afternoon tea better than unwinding with a cigar? Restaurants that serve afternoon tea often sell cigars as well. This can be an optional item to include that will add an extra layer of luxury and relaxation to the afternoon.

Remember to capture the memories

Afternoon tea is an experience you’ll cherish in your hearts for a long time. It would be best to capture the moment with photos, videos, and even journaling it afterward. This will help to keep the memories alive and allow you to reminisce about the experience days, months, and even years later.

In conclusion, Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the love and support dads offer. What better way to spoil them than with a sophisticated afternoon tea experience? You don’t have to break the bank to have afternoon tea. Instead, consider the location, menu, and add some affordable luxury items. Remember, the experience does not have to be like the typical afternoon tea you know. Choose a themed menu, try something new, or add a cigar for the ultimate luxurious experience. Don’t forget to capture the memories to keep them alive for years to come.