Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with Afternoon Tea: A Guide to Planning the Perfect Event

Heading 1: Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with Afternoon Tea: A Guide to Planning the Perfect Event

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show the dads in your life just how much you love and appreciate them. If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to celebrate Father’s Day, why not plan an afternoon tea? Afternoon tea offers great food, drinks and conversations over a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

With elegant cakes, freshly brewed tea, and delicate porcelain cups to sip from, afternoon tea makes for a sophisticated and affectionate way to treat a special man in your life. Done right, an afternoon tea event can make any dad feel loved and appreciated. However, organizing an afternoon tea can be an intimidating task, with lots of preparations involved. Here’s a guide to planning a perfect Father’s Day afternoon tea event that your dad will cherish.

Heading 2: Make Reservations

The first step in planning an afternoon tea event is to select the perfect venue. If you plan to celebrate Father’s Day at a restaurant, be sure to make reservations in advance. Many tea rooms require advance booking for afternoon tea, as they may only offer a limited number of sittings each day. You can also consider organizing the afternoon tea at home if you have enough space and kitchen facilities to make sandwiches, brew tea and bake cakes from scratch.

Heading 2: Plan the Menu

It is essential to plan a tea menu that is not only delicious but also caters to your dad’s preferences. When selecting menu items, consider any dietary restrictions that your dad may have, such as allergies, vegetarian or gluten-free diets. Traditional afternoon tea courses typically include finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, and pastries. Ensure that you have enough variety to keep the tasting experience exciting.

You could also add a special touch to your dad’s afternoon tea experience by incorporating some of his favorite snacks and drinks. For instance, if he loves smoked salmon or roasted beef, consider adding these to the menu. If sweet treats are more his style, try adding chocolates, macarons, and fruit skewers. You could also serve a beer or whiskey cocktail, or add classic dishes like deviled eggs or bacon-wrapped dates. The options are endless.

Heading 2: Select the Tea

Picking the right tea to serve at an afternoon tea is just as important as selecting the menu items. Consider your dad’s taste and preferences when selecting the type of tea or tea blends to offer. The classic English Breakfast tea is a well-rounded option if you’re unsure which flavor to choose. Alternatively, choose from herbal tea blends, fruit teas, or special tea blends, such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or Masala Chai.

Also, ensure that you invest in good quality tea with a range of choices, if possible. It is crucial to have both loose tea and tea bags available to cater to guest’s preference. Additionally, if your dad is a coffee drinker, be sure to make arrangements for your guests to have their coffee and hot chocolate (for non-tea drinkers).

Heading 2: Presentation

Afternoon tea is not only a tasty indulgence but also an aesthetically pleasing experience. The presentation needs to be elegant and sophisticated, make sure that you pick fine china or porcelain cups, tiers for plating the food, and beautiful napkins.

The tea, food, and utensils should be creatively presented to make the afternoon tea experience an unforgettable one. Decorating with floral arrangements, candles, or small decorative statues in your color scheme adds an elegant touch to the whole setup.

Try using a black and white color scheme for a sharp, modern look, or apply shabby chic styles if your dad loves vintage touches. You could also add tiny flags or toppers to the food to give a personalized touch to your dad’s afternoon tea experience.

Heading 2: Pick the Perfect Gift

Father’s Day should not be just about treating your dad to an afternoon tea, but it’s also an ideal time to show how much you care for him by giving a thoughtful gift to match the occasion. The gift should be meaningful and reflect your dad’s taste and personality. Some gift ideas include a personalized engraved whiskey decanter, a new pair of shoes or a watch, and a new book.

You may consider purchasing a package that includes an afternoon tea experience that takes care of everything for you, from the menu, beverages, and service to the corresponding gift.


An Afternoon Tea is a fantastic way to celebrate Father’s Day in style. It is an intimate, sophisticated, and captivating event that will make every dad feel loved and appreciated. From careful planning of the menu to selecting teas suitable to the occasion, your dad’s afternoons will be unforgettable with his family and friends.

Utilize this Father’s Day afternoon tea planning guide to organize an epic celebration of your dad’s special day that will linger in his memories for years to come. Just remember, the best part of the experience is the personal touch you bring to your tea event to make it unique and memorable.