Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with an Afternoon Tea Fit for a King.

Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with an Afternoon Tea Fit for a King

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with an afternoon tea fit for a king? While many may associate afternoon tea with a dainty and feminine affair, it can be just as enjoyable for men, especially when the theme is tailored to their tastes. In this article, we’ll explore how to create a Father’s Day afternoon tea that’s perfectly masculine, with a focus on flavour, style, and tradition.

The Perfect Setting

Before we dig into the details of food and drink, let’s start with the setting. A Father’s Day afternoon tea doesn’t have to take place in a stuffy hotel or countryside manor house; it can be enjoyed anywhere with a touch of class. If you’re lucky enough to have sunny weather, an outdoor garden area can be a lovely backdrop for your event. Alternatively, you could set up indoors with crisp white linens, elegant glassware, and silver cutlery.

The Menu

Now onto the most critical aspect of any afternoon tea – the food. When creating a Father’s Day afternoon tea, it’s all about offering a balance between sweet and savoury treats. Here are some classic items to include:

Savoury Treats

• Miniature burgers or sliders – make them with juicy beef patties, cheese, and your dad’s favourite sauce.

• Smoked salmon and cream cheese croissants – perfect for those who enjoy fish, a delicious and tasty snack.

• A selection of quiches – quiches are great as you can make them in advance and serve them warm or cold. Mix it up with different fillings such as mushrooms, bacon, and leeks.

• Pigs in blankets – not just a Christmas treat, a crowd-pleaser all year round. A combination of savoury flavours with the saltiness of bacon the fluffy breadiness is sure to go down a treat.

Sweet Treats

• Chocolate brownies – a timeless classic that everyone loves.

• Bakewell tarts – perfect for lovers of almonds and jam. There is something about jam and almonds which just works.

• Mini fruit scones – no afternoon tea would be complete without these, serve them warm with a selection of jams and clotted cream.


• Freshly brewed tea – you simply can’t have Afternoon Tea without tea.

• Coffee – perfect for those who prefer a kick of caffeine

• Alcohol – Adding alcohol can be a great touch to spice up your father’s day tea. A glass of champagne or even a spicy whiskey can complete the food experience.

Additional Extras

Although the food and drink are the main event, it’s the small additional extras that can make your Father’s Day afternoon tea extra special. Here are some ideas:

• Father’s Day-themed decorations – it doesn’t just have to be balloons. Consider a fun photo backdrop, Father’s Day bunting, or table decorations that tie into the theme.

• Personalised place settings – add a personal touch by creating place cards with your dad’s name on them, and a favourite quote or photo to match his personality. This little detail won’t go unnoticed and is a great reminder of the special day.

• Gifts – what better way to show your dad how much you care than a thoughtful gift? Consider something that he needs or has been wanting for a while, or even something that reminds him of a fun memory.

In Conclusion

Creating a Father’s Day afternoon tea is all about taking the traditional concept and elevating it to reflect your dad’s personality. By adding masculine flavours, touches of elegance and personalisation, you can create an event that he will remember fondly for years to come. So next time you’re stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas, consider getting creative with an afternoon tea fit for a king.