Celebrate Father’s Day with an Extravagant Afternoon Tea, Bonding Over Tea, Cakes and Sandwiches

Celebrate Father’s Day with an Extravagant Afternoon Tea, Bonding Over Tea, Cakes and Sandwiches

Father’s Day is an occasion to show appreciation for the special father figures in our lives. While treating your dad to a fancy meal or taking him out for drinks, why not spice things up a bit and have a great time over an extravagant afternoon tea that you both will treasure?

It’s a great idea to celebrate Father’s Day with afternoon tea, which is a time-honored tradition that originated in England. It is a delightful way to spend quality time with your father, bonding over delectable treats, tea, and conversations. Read on to learn more about celebrating Father’s Day with an afternoon tea.

What is an Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea is a British tradition that is also called ‘low tea.’ It’s a small meal taken around 3:00 PM, consisting of tea, sandwiches, and cakes. Traditionally, afternoon tea is served on a three-tiered stand, with savory finger sandwiches on the bottom level, followed by scones with clotted cream and jam in the middle, and sweets such as petit fours and mini cakes on the top tier.

Some venues also serve a glass of champagne or sparkling wine, but it is completely optional and depending on the preferences of the father figure you’re celebrating.

Why Celebrate Father’s Day with Afternoon Tea?

Bonding Time: Taking your father out for afternoon tea is a great way to show him your appreciation and spend time together. There is nothing quite like the intimacy that comes with sharing a pot of tea and delectable treats with a loved one. Besides, over the course of the afternoon, both of you can unwind, relax, and catch up on the latest going on in your lives.

Delectable Treats: Finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and pastries – father’s day afternoon tea always features various treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. Spend quality time with your father indulging in these delicious treats, and enjoy the afternoon with your father.

Luxury: Taking after the tradition of afternoon tea, a father’s day tea is an extravagant event featuring an array of delights that wouldn’t be out of place in a fancy restaurant. With an atmosphere of luxury and comfort created by the tea service and decor, it is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

Where to Celebrate Father’s Day with Afternoon Tea?

Numerous hotels, cafes, and restaurants offer afternoon tea services that make an ideal location for a father’s day celebration. Here are some of the best venues you might want to consider:

1. The Ritz

Located in London’s fashionable Piccadilly, the Ritz is one of the most famous afternoon tea options in Europe. It’s an iconic spot to indulge in traditional scones with clotted cream, sandwiches filled with delicate smoked salmon, and exceptional patisserie that could rival any sweet-lover’s dream.

2. The Waldorf Hilton

The Waldorf Hilton is one of the oldest venues in London for afternoon tea. With an overwhelming choice of tea, freshly baked scones, and an unparalleled selection of delicate sandwiches and cakes, it’s an exceptional location for a father’s day afternoon tea. It is a luxurious treat your dad will cherish.

3. Fortnum & Mason

If you’re searching for something an errant bit unique, Fortnum & Mason is a perfect choice. The former grocery vendor has been transformed into one of London’s best destinations for afternoon tea, with over 50 blends of tea to choose from, genuine honeycomb from the Royal estate, and a remarkable selection of delicate cakes and pastries. It is a quintessential British experience that your dad will remember forever.

4. The Four Seasons

If your dad loves chocolate, The Four Seasons is the place to go! The menu features a special ‘Chocolate Afternoon Tea’ selection that offers a range of chocolaty delights that are sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. The tea room itself is sophisticated with an informal atmosphere that promotes openness for father and son discussions.

5. The Langham

The Langham is a luxurious tea salon known for its stylish setting, Beaux-Arts furnishings, and innovative menu. The afternoon tea service features classic savory delights, freshly baked scones, and patisserie classics with a twist that is a pure delight for the taste buds. It’s an elegant environment to honor your father figure.


Father’s Day is an opportunity to spend quality time with your father and show him appreciation and love. While the classic methods of gifts and cards are great, taking your dad out for an extravagant afternoon tea is something that both of you will cherish forever. With an array of various delicious sweet and savory treats and a wide selection of tea, it’s a great way to celebrate the special day in style. There are many venues to choose from, so wherever you have your tea party, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.