Celebrating Dad: A Guide to Hosting the Perfect Father’s Day Tea Party

Heading 1: Celebrating Dad: A Guide to Hosting the Perfect Father’s Day Tea Party

Father’s Day is a special day for everyone who has a dad, stepdad, or father figure they cherish. The third Sunday in June, every year, is dedicated to celebrating these special men in our lives. And what better way to celebrate than by having a tea party? In this article, we’ll guide you through hosting the perfect Father’s Day tea party for your dad.

Heading 2: Choosing the Right Theme

The first step in hosting the perfect Father’s Day tea party is by choosing the right theme. If your dad loves sports, you can choose a sports theme. You can have football, basketball, or even golf-themed decorations and treats.

If your dad loves cars, you can have a vintage car theme. You can decorate the room with car posters or set up toy cars on the table. You can also serve dessert in the shape of a car.

Alternatively, you can choose a classic or vintage theme. You can choose vintage china sets and flowers to enhance the ambiance. You can also use antique tea pots and serving dishes.

Heading 2: Setting up the Tea Party

Now that you have chosen your theme, it’s time to set up the tea party. You will need:

Tea cups, saucers and spoons

Tea pot

Tea towels


Plates and serviettes

A selection of teas

Cold brew teas

Your favorite tea samples

A selection of sandwiches




First, set the table accordingly. Have the colorful plates placed on the table and the saucers and teacups in front of each place setting. Have a beautiful, high-quality tablecloth, and put some napkins folded neatly at each spot.

Choose your tea selections. Pick a few different kinds of tea so that all parties will be able to find something they like. Keep a variety of teas, such as fruity, herbal, and black teas – both hot and cold brew. You could also put out samples of your favorite teas for your guests to try.

Next up, choose the sandwiches. Finger sandwiches are the ideal for tea parties. Craft the sandwich to suit your breakfast theme.

The sweet treats come next, with scones and cakes. Scones are a traditional staple of English tea parties and must never be omitted. You could also prepare a range of cakes to please every guest. Try a simple vanilla or chocolate cake, or something with a more elaborate frosting.

Setting up decorations is all about being creative. Use colorful flowers to bring brightness into your home and place them around the table. Pillar candles with a warm glow can present an elegant atmospheres. Make a few final touches to your table setting that add an additional touch of class and comfort.

Heading 2: Inviting Your Guests

The next step is to invite your guests. Father’s Day is a family holiday, so it’s great to invite close family members and friends. Let your guests know about the theme, and ask them to dress up accordingly. Send out your invitations a few weeks beforehand so that everyone can make arrangements.

Be sure to give your guests a sense of what to expect. Include crucial information in your invitations including date, time, and dress code, along with your theme or color scheme.

Heading 2: Preparing the Tea Party Ahead of Time

One indispensable guideline for hosting a perfect tea party is to do it ahead of time. This will help to minimize or avoid any last-minute stress before the party.

Prepare any make-ahead tea treats, such as cakes and sandwiches, the day before. You can also arrange the tea bottles and jars beforehand, as well as the sliced fruits and lemon wedges.

On the day of the party, all you will have to do is set up the table and make the tea. This way, you’ll have time to get dressed and relax before your guests come in.

Heading 2: Teas & Snacks

A vital part of the tea party is a choice of teas and snacks.

Savory snacks – The traditional tea party food includes sandwiches. Serve them with fresh cucumber, roast beef, salmon, egg, and ham, make sure to allow for a variation of tastes for your guests. Cheese scones and sausage rolls can also be appreciated.

Sweet Snacks – Your sweet selection may also vary from cupcakes to eclairs and even mini cakes and pastries. Serve scones with clouting cream, lemon curd and strawberry or raspberry jam.

Heading 2: A Fun Keepsake

Finally, you might want to consider giving out a fun keepsake to remember Father’s Day.

Consider having personalized tea bags printed with a message for each of your guests. Put each tea bag into a specially made printed gift box & labelled with a personal thank you message from you.” Alternatively, a small gift bag of homemade cookies, chocolates, or brownies can be just as delightful.

Heading 2: Conclusion

In conclusion, hosting a tea party for your father on Father’s Day is a great way to show him how much you love and appreciate him. Choosing the perfect theme, inviting your guests, setting up the table, selecting teas and snacks, making items ahead of time, and presenting a fun keepsake are all important things to remember while hosting a tea party. Follow these tips, and you’ll be confident that you create the perfect Father’s Day tea party to celebrate your dad and make a special memory.