Celebrating Father’s Day with a Scrumptious Afternoon Tea Spread

Celebrating Father’s Day with a Scrumptious Afternoon Tea Spread

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the contribution of fathers in our lives. Fathers play an important role, and this day is dedicated to honoring them. So why not celebrate this special day with a scrumptious afternoon tea spread, which is not only delicious but also a perfect way to show appreciation for your dad? Read on to find out how to put together a memorable afternoon tea for the special man in your life!

The Perfect Afternoon Tea Menu for Father’s Day

The perfect afternoon tea menu for Father’s Day should be a combination of savory and sweet dishes. Here are some steps to take when planning your menu:

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Tea

Choosing the perfect tea for Father’s Day is important. If your dad loves black tea, then you can opt for an Earl Grey, Assam, or Darjeeling. If he prefers green tea, then you can choose from sencha, matcha, or Dragonwell. If he is a fan of herbal tea, then a chamomile or peppermint tea would be the perfect choice. Whichever tea you choose, make sure it’s of good quality.

Step 2: Plan Your Savory Spread

When it comes to savory dishes, finger sandwiches, quiches, and savory scones are perfect choices. You can make finger sandwiches with fillings such as smoked salmon with cream cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, or ham and dijon mustard. For quiches, you can choose from a variety of fillings such as spinach and feta, bacon and cheddar, or roasted red pepper and goat cheese. Scones can be made with cheese and chives or sundried tomato and basil. You can also add some dips such as hummus or a cheese spread with crackers or vegetables.

Step 3: Sweeten it Up

Sweets are an integral part of afternoon tea. For Father’s Day, you can choose from a range of desserts such as macarons, cupcakes, and cheesecake. You can also make mini fruit tarts, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or lemon drizzle cake. Don’t forget to add some classic scones with jam and clotted cream!

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Beverages

Aside from tea, you can also add some other beverages like freshly squeezed orange juice, lemonade, or sparkling water. You can also opt for a classic drink like a gin and tonic or a glass of prosecco for a little extra celebration.

Setting the Scene

To make the day extra special, you can set up a themed table for afternoon tea. Here are some ideas to consider:

Theme 1: Sport

If your dad is a sport enthusiast, you can decorate your table with his favorite team’s colors. You can get some paper cups and napkins in the team’s colors and place them on the table with some balls or other sports equipment to complete the theme.

Theme 2: Vintage

Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to mix vintage charm with modern touches. You can set up a tea table with vintage floral tablecloths, antique plates, and vintage-inspired glassware. You can also add some fresh flowers and place some scented candles around the table for a cozy atmosphere.

Theme 3: BBQ

If your dad loves barbecuing, you can set up a barbecue-themed tablescape. You can add some checked tablecloths and some cute picnic baskets. You can serve tea in mason jars and use red and white checkered napkins.

Make Your Dad Feel Special

Afternoon tea is not only a time to enjoy delicious food and drinks but also an opportunity to make your dad feel special. Here are some ideas to make him feel extra special:

Handmade Greeting Cards

Handmade greeting cards with a personal message are a great way to show your dad how much you care. You can add some photos, stickers, or other decorations to make it more personalized.

Personalized Gifts

You can also give him a personalized gift, such as a customized photo frame or a mug with his name or a special message on it.

Plan a Surprise Activity

You can plan a surprise activity after tea to make the day even more special. It could be something like going to watch a movie or bowling, or simply doing something he loves like fishing or golfing. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something he will enjoy.


Father’s Day is a special day to honor and appreciate fathers. Celebrating Father’s Day with a scrumptious afternoon tea spread is an excellent way to make your dad feel special and show him how much you care. Planning a menu of savory and sweet dishes, choosing the perfect tea, and setting up a themed table are all ways to make the day memorable. Don’t forget to add some personalized touches and plan a surprise activity for the perfect Father’s Day celebration!

And with that, we hope this guide helps you put together the perfect Father’s Day afternoon tea!

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