Celebrating Father’s Day with an Elegant Afternoon Tea: A Guide to Planning the Perfect Gathering

Celebrating Father’s Day with an Elegant Afternoon Tea: A Guide to Planning the Perfect Gathering


Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the love and support our fathers have given us throughout our lives. An afternoon tea with elegant fare and great conversation is a perfect way to honor him. This guide shares tips and tricks on planning a perfect afternoon tea for Father’s Day.

Theme and Decorations

Designing a theme around the event adds a personal touch to the occasion and makes it special for your father. Choose your father’s favorite color or a theme that he loves, such as his favorite hobby or sport. Make sure to add splashes of his favorite color through the decorations. If you’re creative, you can decorate the table with handcrafted centerpieces, colorful napkins, and matching tea cups and saucers to fit the theme.

Invitations and Guest List

The guest list forms a pivotal part of the afternoon tea, and it should be crafted carefully to ensure that your father will connect with the guests attending. Send out invites well before time keeping in mind any travel companions your father might want with him. Contact family members, close friends, or anyone who your father would want to share a cup of tea with.

The Food and Drinks


When deciding on teas, take your father’s preferences and taste buds into account. Classic favorites like Earl Grey or English Breakfast are safe choices, but you can also mix it up with exotic tea blends like green tea, chai tea, or fruit infusions. Herbal teas are a great option if he prefers something without caffeine.

Finger Foods

Your father might have certain dietary requirements that can affect the choices you make for the menu. Ensure that any necessary accommodations are accounted for. Classic finger sandwiches like cucumber, tomato, and pesto are always a hit with guests. If your father enjoys meat, try roast beef or smoked salmon in the sandwiches. Cheese quiches, mini Spanish tortillas, and bite-sized sausage rolls are also great options.


A tiered cake stand is an essential component of an afternoon tea. Bite-sized scones with jam and cream, chocolate-covered strawberries, and macarons are popular choices for sweet treats. If your father has a favorite cake, make sure to include it on the menu.

Tableware and Utensils

Choose beautiful and elegant tableware for the event. Classic tea sets with matching teacups and saucers, or modern chic tea sets with glass teapots and gilded spoons – whatever goes with the theme you have chosen. If you don’t already have your own set of tableware, you can rent them from party rental companies. Make sure to have enough teapots and cups so that all guests can enjoy the tea at the same time. Don’t forget spoons and small forks for the finger foods.

Entertainment and Activities

It’s a good idea to plan some activities for guests, especially if you’re inviting children. You can set up a fun tea party or go the more traditional route with tea games like “Name that tea” or “Guess the number of tea leaves.” If your father is a lover of music, you could also plan some acoustic sessions with his favorite songs as the center of the event.


Celebrating Father’s Day with an elegant afternoon tea is a great way to honor our fathers. It’s a chance to show them our love and gratitude for everything they have done for us. Remember to plan everything well in advance to make it perfect and enjoyable. With careful planning, the right decorations, ideal food and drinks, and some entertainment, you can ensure that your father will remember this afternoon tea for years to come.