Create Lasting Memories with Dad over Afternoon Tea this Father’s Day

Create Lasting Memories with Dad over Afternoon Tea this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your dad how much he means to you. While there are plenty of ways to celebrate Father’s Day, one of the best ways to create lasting memories is over afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is an elegant and sophisticated way to spend quality time with your dad while enjoying a delectable spread of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and tea. In this article, we’ll share some tips to help you plan a memorable afternoon tea experience with your dad this Father’s Day.

Choose the perfect venue

The first step in planning an afternoon tea with your dad is to choose the perfect venue. You can opt for a traditional tea room or a more modern café that offers afternoon tea. Consider factors like the location, ambiance, and price. Some of the best places to consider include luxury hotels, grand estates, and independent tea rooms.

When choosing the venue, think about the type of experience you want to create for your dad. Do you want a cozy and intimate setting, or an elaborate and luxurious affair? Whatever your preference, make sure the venue is in a location your dad can easily get to, and has an ambiance that he’ll appreciate.

Plan the perfect menu

Once you’ve chosen the venue, it’s time to plan the menu. Afternoon tea typically consists of a variety of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and tea. You can choose from pre-set menus or customize your own. You can also add some personalized touches to surprise your dad.

Consider your dad’s preferences when planning the menu. Does he have any dietary restrictions? Does he prefer savory or sweet items? Make sure to include his favorite items on the menu, and add a few surprises that will make the experience even more special.

Add some personalized touches

To make the afternoon tea even more memorable, add some personalized touches. You can create a special menu card with your dad’s name on it, or have a personalized cake made for him. You can also bring along a small gift, like a framed photo of the two of you, to give to your dad after the tea.

Consider also incorporating some of your dad’s favorite activities or hobbies into the afternoon tea. If he enjoys photography, bring along a camera and take some pictures together. If he’s a music lover, create a playlist of his favorite songs to play during the tea.

Dress to impress

Afternoon tea is a sophisticated affair, so make sure to dress to impress. Dressing up will make the experience even more special, and show your dad that you’ve put in some extra effort to make the day memorable.

For women, a tasteful dress or skirt with a blouse is appropriate, while men can opt for a suit or smart casual attire. Make sure to check the dress code of the venue beforehand to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Make it a social media moment

Afternoon tea is not only an opportunity to create lasting memories with your dad, but also a chance to share those memories with others. Make it a social media moment by sharing photos and updates on your social media accounts.

Use the event hashtag and tag the venue to showcase the venue and menu. This will not only help promote the venue, but also create a lasting record of the special day that you and your dad can look back on.


Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate the role of fathers in our lives, and there’s no better way to show your dad how much he means to you than by treating him to an unforgettable afternoon tea. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create lasting memories with your dad over a delightful spread of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and tea. Remember to choose the perfect venue, plan the perfect menu, add some personalized touches, dress to impress, and make it a social media moment. Happy Father’s Day!