From Classic Sandwiches to Decadent Desserts: Exploring the Delightful Afternoon Tea Menu at Slattery’s

Located in the heart of Manchester, Slattery’s is one of the most popular destinations for afternoon tea in the UK. It’s no surprise that people keep on coming back to this luxurious chocolatier and patisserie with their fine selection of classic sandwiches and delectable desserts. Whether you are looking for a perfect place to celebrate an occasion, meet friends, or simply treat yourself, Slattery’s can provide you with an elegant and unforgettable experience.

Section 1: The Traditional Afternoon Tea Menu
Slattery’s offers a traditional afternoon tea menu consisting of a three-tiered stand loaded with sandwiches, cakes, and scones. The wonderful selection of sandwiches comes with fillings such as Scottish smoked salmon and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, honey-roasted ham, and cucumber and cream cheese. Each sandwich is carefully crafted with fresh ingredients that blend together perfectly for the ultimate bite.

Another important part of the menu are the freshly baked scones. The scones come straight out of the oven and are served warm with clotted cream and jam. They are light and fluffy and gently crumbly. You can enjoy them with your favourite tea while taking in the beautiful surroundings of the patisserie.

Section 2: Decadent Desserts
Slattery’s is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to desserts. Their talented patisserie chefs create a range of delights that are both visually stunning and boast a richness of flavour. From the snickers-inspired dessert known as “Snickarelly”, to the cherry-infused “Black Forest Gateau” you will find something to satisfy every sugar craving.

The “chocolate nemesis” cake is one of the most popular desserts on the menu. It is a rich, intense chocolate cake that is both smooth and velvety – a true delight for the senses. Another stand-out dessert is the “lemon meringue pie”. The mixture of tangy lemon curd and fluffy meringue creates a taste sensation.

Section 3: The Exotic Afternoon Tea Menu
Not just content with offering a traditional afternoon tea menu, Slattery’s has created an “exotic afternoon tea” which delivers a different experience. This menu includes a range of flavours from around the world and offers a more contemporary, exotic twist on traditional afternoon tea.

The menu includes a vast range of teas from around the world, including rooibos, which is a popular African tea, and matcha, a Japanese green tea. Slattery’s also provides an array of exotic cakes and desserts like the “pistachio cake” and “rose macarons” – both of which are inspired by middle-eastern cuisine.

The sandwiches on this menu have unique fillings such as halloumi and roasted peppers, Moroccan spiced chicken with hummus, and avocado and spinach. Vegetarians and vegans can also indulge in the exotic menu which features delicious vegetarian and vegan options such as falafel and tzatziki, and vegan “chocolate and forest fruits slice”.

Section 4: Children’s Afternoon Tea
Slattery’s does not leave out the little ones either! They offer children’s afternoon tea which includes a selection of mini sandwiches, mini scones with jam and clotted cream, and mini cupcakes. It’s a perfect way to introduce children to this classic British tradition.

Slattery’s has brought a unique twist to the traditional afternoon tea featuring classic British sandwiches and decadent desserts. With multiple menus to choose from, you can have a new experience every time you visit. Their commitment to promoting quality food and a relaxing atmosphere is evident from their use of the freshest ingredients, high-quality teas, and impeccable service. A visit to this luxurious patisserie is a must for anyone who appreciates exceptional food, quality service, and unforgettable experiences.