Indulge in a Regal Afternoon Tea Experience at Slattery: A Review of their Luxurious Menu

Indulge in a Regal Afternoon Tea Experience at Slattery: A Review of their Luxurious Menu

If you have ever dreamed of indulging in a truly regal afternoon tea experience, then look no further than Slattery, an award-winning family-owned patisserie in Manchester that has been serving up delicious treats for over 50 years.

Walking into Slattery is like stepping back in time to an opulent world of sophistication and luxury. The elegant decor of the tea room exudes a sense of grandeur, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, plush velvet chairs and beautiful floral arrangements adorning the tables.

But it is not just the ambiance that makes a trip to Slattery so special. Their luxurious afternoon tea menu is a feast for the senses, combining traditional British elements with exquisite French-inspired patisserie.

Here is my review of Slattery’s afternoon tea menu, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone looking for a decadent experience.


The first course of Slattery’s afternoon tea is a selection of savory delights, all of which were impeccably presented and delicious.

The standouts for me were the mini quiches, with delicate pastry and a filling that was perfectly set and seasoned. The smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis were also impressive, with a light and fluffy texture that complemented the rich salmon perfectly.

The sausage rolls, although not typically associated with afternoon tea, were a welcome addition to the menu. The sausage filling was juicy and flavorful, encased in crispy, golden pastry.

All of the savory items were well-balanced and portioned, leaving us eager for the sweet treats to come.


No afternoon tea is complete without scones, and Slattery’s scones certainly did not disappoint. Freshly baked and still warm from the oven, they were light and fluffy, with a slight crunch on the outside that hinted at the perfect level of baking.

The scones were served with clotted cream and jam, with a choice of raspberry or strawberry. The clotted cream was smooth and luscious, and the jam had a deep, rich flavor that was perfectly balanced against the sweetness of the scones.

Slattery’s attention to detail extended even to the presentation of the scones, with each one topped with a perfectly piped swirl of cream. This touch of elegance was appreciated and brought a smile to our faces.


The sweet selection of Slattery’s afternoon tea menu is a true highlight, with an abundance of creative and well-executed delights to indulge in.

The standouts for me were the lemon meringue tartlets, with a perfectly crisp pastry base and tangy lemon filling that balanced the sweetness of the meringue on top. The macarons were also a standout, with a delicate texture and a range of flavors that were all visually stunning.

The chocolate and peanut butter ganache torte was a rich and decadent treat, with a whipped texture that was surprisingly light for its intensity of flavor. The carrot cake was also unique and enjoyable, with a spicy undertone that was complemented by the creamy frosting.

The presentation of the sweet treats was stunning, with each item carefully arranged on a tiered platter that was almost too beautiful to disturb. The combination of flavors and styles made for a true culinary adventure, with each bite offering a new taste sensation.


A good afternoon tea experience would be incomplete without a great selection of tea, and Slattery does not disappoint in this regard. They have a range of teas on offer, including classic blends, floral infusions, and exotic fruit and herbal teas.

We opted for the classic English Breakfast tea, which had a robust and malty flavor that perfectly complemented the sweet and savory items on the menu.

For those who want to take their experience up a notch, Slattery also offers a selection of champagne and wine. I tried their house champagne, which was crisp and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness that was a perfect complement to the savory and sweet items on the menu.


Slattery offers an indulgent afternoon tea experience that is well worth the price. The menu is well-balanced and creatively presented, with each item showcasing the patisserie skills that have earned the patisserie a loyal following.

The staff at Slattery are also friendly and attentive, making the experience feel personal and special. They are knowledgeable about the menu and are happy to share their expertise and recommendations.

If you are looking for a luxurious afternoon tea experience that is fit for a queen (or king), then Slattery is the place to go. The experience is truly regal, and you will leave feeling satisfied and pampered.


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