Make Father’s Day Extra Special with a Relaxing Afternoon Tea Treat!

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to show our dads how much they mean to us. Whether your dad is a fan of a good cup of tea or prefers a refreshing iced tea, there’s no better way to express your love than with a relaxing afternoon tea.

In this article, we will explore why an afternoon tea treat is a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day while providing tips on how to make this event extra special.

Heading 1: Why choose an afternoon tea?

We all have our favourite ways to celebrate special occasions with our dads, but why should an afternoon tea be your go-to option for Father’s Day?

An afternoon tea event is a polite and elegant way to gather your family and friends for an intimate moment, especially with our dads. It presents an opportunity for us to share experiences, laugh, and, most importantly, show affection and appreciation for our fathers.

An afternoon tea is perfect for Father’s day since it offers a calm, relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect chance to get away from the hustle of day-to-day life and spend some quality time with your dad. An afternoon tea treat gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in luxurious delicacies, enjoy fantastic beverages, and engross yourselves in inspiring and engaging conversations.

Heading 2: Finding the perfect location

The first step in making your dad’s day extra special is by choosing the right location. You could choose to have an afternoon tea event at a local tearoom or even in your own backyard.

However, if you want to make your dad’s day extra special, you could opt for a luxurious hotel or high-end restaurant. The location should provide a comfortable, elegant, and cosy environment, where you and your dad can forget about all the hassles in life and just focus on your bond.

The location should offer beautiful views, stunning decor and excellent service. Opt for a place that creates a calming environment where you and your dad won’t be disturbed by the noise and bustle of the world outside.

Heading 3: Planning the menu

Planning an afternoon tea menu for Father’s Day is a creative, yet straightforward task. You need to consider your dad as the main guest of honour. Tailor the menu ideally to his tastes, likes and dislikes to ensure his satisfaction.

The menu should consist of a range of savoury and sweet offerings to suit all tastes. You could begin with finger sandwiches filled with smoked salmon, cheese and ham, to name a few. Offer a selection of scones, cakes, pastries and, of course, tea.

The selection should be presented on a three-tiered cake stand to add to the luxuriousness of the event. When choosing desserts and pastries, choose those that are made from the finest ingredients to ensure that they are both delicious and visually appealing.

Heading 4: Perfecting the tea

The tea at an afternoon tea event is quintessential and can elevate the experience of an occasion. It’s essential that the tea is made to perfection to ensure that your guests have the best experience. It’s essential to pick the correct tea and brewing methods since it impacts the flavour, aroma, and colour of the tea.

Serve a variety of teas like black, white, green, herbal and fruit tea, to cater to all preferences. Remember to explain to your dad and guests the unique qualities and flavours of each tea and how best to enjoy it.

Ensure that the tea is brewed to perfection. Use only the best quality tea leaves and materials to ensure that the flavour is exceptional and that any potential bitterness is removed. The tea should be served in beautiful teapots and cups, accentuating the overall presentation of the afternoon tea event.

Heading 5: Adding extra touches

To add to the elegance of the afternoon tea event, there are several final touches that you may include.

Personalisation: Make the event remarkable by customising the table setting with the dad’s name or a personalised message. You can serve the treats on customised plates with a combination of his favourite colours or pattern.

Decor: The decor should be elegant and suited to the occasion. You might choose vintage teapots and delicate floral arrangements, bringing in a touch of nature into the event.

Gifts: Spoil your dad with a Father’s Day gift. It could be anything from a watch, memory book, gardening tools, to his favourite book, to name a few. You could also include a personalised thank you note to show gratitude.

Heading 6: Conclusion

Father’s Day is a special occasion, and making your dad feel loved and appreciated should be a priority. An afternoon tea event is an excellent option that guarantees a relaxing and elegant atmosphere. It provides a setting to indulge in luxurious delicacies and spend quality time with your dad.

The event allows time for personalisation, thoughtfulness, and the addition of personal touches that make the occasion unique. Whether you’re planning an afternoon tea event at home or a luxurious restaurant, ensure that every detail is taken care of to make the occasion special.

In conclusion, don’t let Father’s Day pass without showing your dad how much you value him. Make time for your dad this Father’s Day and take him for a memorable afternoon tea treat.