Sip and Savor: How to Host a Memorable Father’s Day Afternoon Tea for Dad

H1: Sip and Savor: How to Host a Memorable Father’s Day Afternoon Tea for Dad
H2: The Tradition of Afternoon Tea
H2: Creating the Perfect Menu for Dad’s Afternoon Tea
H2: Setting the Scene for a Memorable Afternoon Tea
H2: Tea and Cocktail Pairing for Dad’s Special Day
H2: Adding Personal Touches to Dad’s Afternoon Tea
H2: Conclusion

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the contributions fathers make to their families. While many people associate Father’s Day with grilling and outdoor activities, an afternoon tea can be a memorable and unique way to show your dad how much you care. Here are some tips for hosting a memorable Father’s Day afternoon tea for dad.

The Tradition of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea originated in England in the 19th century and was originally enjoyed by the upper classes. It typically consists of tea, sandwiches, scones, and pastries, and is served in the mid-afternoon. Today, afternoon tea is a popular occasion for special events and social gatherings, including birthdays, weddings, and, of course, Father’s Day.

Creating the Perfect Menu for Dad’s Afternoon Tea

When creating the menu for your dad’s afternoon tea, it’s important to consider his taste preferences. Some dads may prefer traditional British fare like cucumber sandwiches and scones, while others may prefer heartier options like quiche and meat pies. Whatever your dad’s taste, make sure the menu is balanced, offering a variety of sweet and savory options.

Start the afternoon off with a selection of tea sandwiches. Classic British tea sandwiches like cucumber and cream cheese, egg mayo, and smoked salmon are always popular, but feel free to get creative with your fillings. You could also offer heartier options like roast beef or chicken salad sandwiches. For a touch of elegance, try serving the sandwiches on a three-tiered cake stand.

Next, offer a selection of savory pastries and quiches, such as mini sausage rolls, chicken and mushroom pies, or mini quiches.

For the sweet portion of the menu, scones with clotted cream and jam are a must-have. You could also offer a selection of mini desserts like cupcakes, macarons, and petit fours.

Setting the Scene for a Memorable Afternoon Tea

When it comes to setting the scene for your dad’s afternoon tea, attention to detail is key. Start by choosing a comfortable, well-lit location. If you have a backyard, set up a table and chairs with a tablecloth and some flowers. If you’re hosting the tea indoors, choose a brightly lit room with plenty of natural light.

Dress up the table with a beautiful tablecloth and napkins, and add some fresh flowers in a vase. For a unique touch, incorporate some tea-themed decorations like teapots or tea cups.

It’s also important to pay attention to the presentation of the food. Serve the sandwiches and pastries on elegant serving trays or cake stands, and include little details like mini flags or labels to indicate the types of sandwiches and desserts on offer.

Tea and Cocktail Pairing for Dad’s Special Day

While tea is the star of the show at any afternoon tea, don’t forget about tea pairings. Different types of tea can complement different types of food, enhancing the flavors and making for a more enjoyable experience.

Black teas like Darjeeling and Assam pair well with savory foods, while green teas like Jasmine and Sencha are better suited to sweet desserts. Herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile can be enjoyed on their own or paired with a light snack.

If your dad enjoys cocktails, consider serving tea-infused cocktails to add a unique twist to the afternoon tea. Try using tea as a base for your cocktail, or incorporating tea syrup or tea-infused liqueur for a more subtle tea flavor.

Adding Personal Touches to Dad’s Afternoon Tea

To make your dad’s afternoon tea even more special, consider adding some personal touches. One idea is to create a personalized menu for the occasion, listing all of the items on offer. You could also create custom place cards for each guest, or use photos of your dad as part of the table decorations.

If your dad has a favorite tea, make sure to feature it prominently on the menu. You could also surprise him with a special gift, such as a new teapot or tea cup, to use during the afternoon tea and keep as a memento of the occasion.


Hosting a Father’s Day afternoon tea is a fun and unique way to celebrate your dad’s special day. By paying attention to the menu, setting, and presentation, you can create a memorable experience that your dad won’t forget. Adding personal touches and considering tea and cocktail pairings will make the afternoon tea even more special. So why not try hosting an afternoon tea for your dad this Father’s Day?