Sipping and Celebrating: A Father’s Day Afternoon Tea to Remember


Father’s Day is a special occasion to cherish the bond between a father and his children. It’s a day when we express our love and appreciation for the man who worked hard to provide us with everything. One way to make this Father’s Day extra special is by sipping and celebrating an afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is a tradition that originated in the United Kingdom in the 1840s. It’s a meal that involves tea, sandwiches, and sweet treats and is usually served between 3 pm and 5 pm. In this article, we will guide you through how to organize a Father’s Day afternoon tea that your dad will remember forever.

Step 1: Invitations

The first step to organizing the perfect Father’s Day afternoon tea is invitations. You’ll want to invite your dad and anyone else that he’d enjoy spending time with on Father’s Day. You can create personalized invitations with pictures or design that reflect your dad’s personality.

Step 2: Menu Preparation

The second step is menu preparation. When it comes to afternoon tea, there are three main components: tea, sandwiches, and sweet treats. Start by choosing the tea that you want to serve. You can choose from black, green, white, or herbal teas. Make sure to check if your dad has a preference for a particular type of tea.

Next, prepare sandwiches. You can make traditional English afternoon tea sandwiches such as cucumber and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, or smoked salmon and cream cheese. Or you can get creative and come up with your own sandwich fillings.

Finally, prepare sweet treats. You can bake scones, brownies, macarons, cupcakes, or any other sweet treats that your dad likes. Don’t forget to include jam, clotted cream, and butter to go with the scones.

Step 3: Table Setting

The third step is setting up the table. Make sure to set the table in a comfortable and elegant manner. Use a tablecloth, placemats, and napkins that match your dad’s style. Arrange the sandwiches and sweet treats on the table, and don’t forget the tea cups and saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug, and spoons.

Step 4: Tea Serving

The fourth step is serving the tea. Start by boiling water and allowing it to cool slightly for a few minutes. Carefully add the tea bags to the teapot, one per person, and then pour hot water over the tea bags. Let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on the type of tea. Then, pour the tea into the cups and add milk and sugar as desired.

Step 5: Celebration Activities

The fifth and final step is to make the afternoon tea a celebration! You can incorporate activities that your dad enjoys, such as playing board games, watching a movie, or outdoor activities.

If your dad is a fan of sports, you can incorporate activities like playing a game of soccer or golf in the backyard. If he prefers indoor activities, you can play a board or a card game that your dad enjoys. You can also watch your dad’s favorite movie together while sipping tea and enjoying the sweet treats.


Father’s Day is an opportunity to show our love and appreciation for our dads. By organizing a Father’s Day afternoon tea, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere where your dad can feel pampered and loved. The steps to organizing the perfect Father’s Day afternoon tea are invitations, menu preparation, table setting, tea-serving, and celebration activities. Remember to keep in mind your dad’s preferences to make the day extra special.