Sipping and Savoring: Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to start planning a celebration that will spoil the dad in your life. One unique and sophisticated way to do this is by hosting an afternoon tea party. Whether you want to prepare everything from scratch or order a catering service, sipping and savoring tea with dads can be a memorable experience that he’ll cherish for years to come.

In this article, we’ll share some ideas on how to host an afternoon tea party that will make your dad feel special. From classic tea blends to savory sandwiches, cookies, and more, we’ll help you plan the perfect celebration to celebrate your Dad.

Pick a Theme

To plan an afternoon tea party, you must first choose a theme. Although this is not necessary, it can add extra flair and make the party more aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from the following themes:

Garden Tea Party: This theme is perfect for an afternoon tea party outside. You can prepare a garden tea party by including floral décor, vintage tea sets and tablecloths, and fresh garden flowers.

Mad Hatter Tea Party: This one’s a fun and quirky theme that is based on the Mad Hatter character from Alice in Wonderland. You can challenge your guests to wear crazy hats, mismatched tea sets and invite fanciful surprises.

High Tea: This event is a bit more formal. You can include vintage or Victorian-themed décor, high-backed chairs, and tablecloths. This type of gathering is known for its high-quality food, fine teas, and exquisite service.

Rustic Tea Party: This theme focuses on a natural and earthy environment. You can use wooden tables, mason jars, and wildflowers to create a warm and inviting space.

Once you’ve picked a theme, it’s time to start planning the menu.

Tea and Other Drinks

When it comes to tea selection, you can choose from a wide variety of flavors and brands. You could opt for classic English Breakfast tea or try something new like jasmine or hibiscus tea. You might also consider serving a blend of white, green, or black teas, so your guests can try a new flavor.

Of course, your afternoon tea party doesn’t have to be limited to tea. You could include some other drink options, such as coffee or lemonade. For dads who love a boozy drink in the afternoon, you could also include a choice of cocktails that won’t interfere with enjoying the delicious spread.

Savory Bites

The most important part of an afternoon tea party is the food. It’s essential to have a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory. For savory bites, you can’t go wrong with finger sandwiches. These little bites are perfect for the occasion and are a staple at any afternoon tea party. Prepare a platter of cucumber sandwiches or go for classic combinations like chicken salad, smoked salmon, or roast beef and mustard.

Other savory options include quiches, savory scones, and cheese platters. You could also consider adding a bit of heat to the spread with some spice cured meats, stuffed jalapeños, or buffalo chicken bites. These options can add a bit of variety and satisfy the dietary needs of your guests.

Sweet Treats

For the sweet bites, scones are a must-have. You could also include mini cupcakes, tiny fruit tarts, or macarons. Add a bit of seasonal flair with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to highlight the summer produce.

You could also consider adding a bit of fathers-day-inspired sweets like a chocolate cake decorated with tie-shaped chocolates. Whatever desserts you choose, make sure to balance the flavors well, so your guests can enjoy a bit of everything.

Other Items to Consider

When it comes to hosting an afternoon tea party, it’s crucial to set the scene. Aside from decorative themes, table setting can play a significant role in creating the perfect ambiance. Incorporating some items like candles, balloons, and banners adds a fun element to your dad’s celebration.

Incorporate Appropriate décor like a cake-stand or a tiered serving tray that not only makes the presentation of the food beautiful but also elevates the elegance of the table décor.

You could also include a photo booth area to capture the memories of the celebration and bond with dads.

Make sure to communicate with your guests about the dress code, timing, and any other requirements. Communication is key to ensure everyone has a great time.


Hosting an afternoon tea party to celebrate Father’s Day is an exceptional way to show dads how much they are loved and appreciated. The food, drinks, and décor and array of fun activities can make for a truly amazing experience.

By incorporating the above ideas, we’re sure you’ll create an afternoon tea party that will be talked about and cherished for years to come. Don’t forget to stay creative and have fun as you decorate, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.