Spoil Dad this Father’s Day with a Delicious Afternoon Tea Delight

H1: Spoil Dad this Father’s Day with a Delicious Afternoon Tea Delight

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate all the dads out there and show them how much we appreciate them. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your dad and spoil him with some delicious treats. Instead of the usual dinner or brunch, why not try something new and treat your dad to a mouth-watering afternoon tea delight?

H2: Planning the Perfect Afternoon Tea

When it comes to planning the perfect Father’s Day afternoon tea, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, choose the right venue. This could be your own home, a local cafe or restaurant, or even a picnic in the park. Once you have the location sorted, it’s time to start thinking about the menu.

H2: Choosing the Menu

The menu for your Father’s Day afternoon tea should be a combination of sweet and savory treats. It’s important to consider your dad’s preferences and dietary requirements when selecting the menu. Here are some ideas to get you started:

– Sandwiches: You can’t go wrong with classic finger sandwiches. Roast beef, chicken and avocado or egg and cress are all popular choices. For a twist, try making some mini croissant sandwiches or wraps.
– Scones: No afternoon tea is complete without scones. Serve them warm with clotted cream and strawberry jam for a traditional treat. You could also try adding some cheese or bacon to the scones for a savory twist.
– Cakes and pastries: A selection of cakes and pastries will add some sweetness to your menu. Think classic Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate eclairs and fruit tartlets. For a fun twist, try making some homemade donuts or muffins.
– Desserts: If you’re looking to go all out, why not add some desserts to your menu? Mini cheesecakes, fruit skewers and chocolate mousse cups are all great options.

H2: Beverage Pairing

No afternoon tea is complete without a selection of teas and coffees to accompany your treats. You could even go the extra mile and create your own signature drink. For example, a cold brew coffee with a dash of vanilla and a scoop of ice cream would be the perfect accompaniment to a sweet dessert.

When it comes to tea, there are so many options to choose from. Earl Grey, English Breakfast, green tea and herbal teas are all popular choices. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a tea cocktail? Mix your favorite tea with some gin, syrup and ice for a refreshing drink.

H2: Presentation

The presentation of your afternoon tea is just as important as the menu itself. Set the scene with some nice tableware, such as a pretty tablecloth, napkins, and vintage crockery. If you’re serving your tea outdoors, opt for a picnic basket and some cute floral plates and cups.

H3: DIY Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Treats

If you’re on a budget or looking to add a personal touch to your Father’s Day afternoon tea, why not try making your own treats? Here are some easy recipes to get you started:

– Mini quiches: These savory bites are easy to make and can be customized with your dad’s favorite fillings. Try bacon and mushroom, spinach and feta, or ham and cheese.
– Cheese straws: These crispy snacks are perfect for dipping in hummus or salsa. Simply cut puff pastry into strips, brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with grated cheese and herbs. Bake in the oven until golden brown.
– Chocolate truffles: These decadent treats are sure to impress your dad. Melt some dark chocolate and cream together, then chill until firm. Once set, roll into balls and coat in cocoa powder or chopped nuts.
– Tea-infused shortbread: These buttery biscuits can be flavored with your dad’s favorite tea. Simply mix together flour, sugar, butter and tea leaves, then chill and cut into shapes. Bake in the oven until golden brown.

H2: Conclusion

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your dad and show him how much you care. A delicious afternoon tea delight is a great way to spend quality time together and enjoy some tasty treats. Whether you create your own DIY treats or opt for a professional afternoon tea, your dad is sure to appreciate the effort you’ve put in. So this Father’s Day, why not try something new and celebrate your dad in style?