Spoil Dad with a Sumptuous Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Delight

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Spoil Dad with a Sumptuous Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Delight

Looking for a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day? Why not treat the special man in your life to a luxurious afternoon tea? An afternoon tea is a great way to spend quality time together while indulging in decadent treats and sipping on delicious tea. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Father’s Day afternoon tea, from history to menu ideas, to make the day extra special for your dad.

What is Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century in England and is typically enjoyed between 2-5 pm. It comprises a selection of tea, sandwiches, scones and sweet treats like cakes, pastries or macaroons. Depending on tradition, guests can choose from different tea blends and sometimes even a glass of champagne to add some extra sparkle to the occasion.

Although afternoon tea originated in England, it has since become a popular tradition worldwide, and many hotels and tea rooms worldwide offer their take on the tradition.

History of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea became popular during the 19th century when it was deemed “fashionable” to take meals outside of the usual mealtimes. The wealthy classes would typically have a light snack between lunch and dinner, and this eventually developed into a proper afternoon tea. The tradition became popular among the working classes too, who would take a break from their work to enjoy a cup of tea and some biscuits or bread.

Afternoon tea eventually became more lavish over time when it started being served in high-end hotels and tea rooms. And it continues to be enjoyed today as a luxurious and indulgent treat.

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Ideas

Typical afternoon tea is usually associated with high tea, something most dads appreciate. For Father’s Day, you can add some elements to make it more masculine and create a unique tea-time experience. Here are some Father’s Day afternoon tea ideas you may consider:

1. Go Savory: Add more savory items to the menu like mini sandwiches, quiches, or mini pies rather than sweet treats.
2. Add Some Beer: Replace your tea with a selection of beer pairings. Choose beers that complement your menu’s flavors to create a unique experience
3. Play some Games: Add some fun to the afternoon by incorporating some classic games like chess, checkers, or dominoes.
4. Barbecue Afternoon Tea: Host a barbecue-themed afternoon tea with grilled meats like chicken skewers or mini burgers.
5. Movie Nachos & Tea: Prepare popcorn or nachos and enjoy your favorite movie together with tea.

How to Host a Father’s Day Afternoon Tea

Hosting a Father’s Day afternoon tea can be an excellent way to show your dad how much you care for him. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Find a Location: Plan ahead the venue for your tea party. You can select from a tea room or patisserie or opt for a garden or rooftop area.
2. Invite Your Guest: Once you decide on the location, send out the invitations. You may have to set a specific dress code or what they need to bring, e.g., a favorite teapot.
3. Plan Your Menu: Begin creating your menu, making sure it has a combination of sweet and savory items. You must also adapt it to your father’s tastes. For example, add his favorite cake or sandwiches to the menu.
4. Pick Your Tea: Choosing your tea selection is a crucial aspect of hosting an afternoon tea. Your dad may have a preference for a specific tea blend or try something new to surprise and delight him.
5. Set the Table: Finally, set the table with elegant tableware and arrange your food and tea varieties beautifully.

Make it Extra Special for Dad

If you want to go the extra mile and make Father’s Day afternoon tea unforgettable for your dad, you can do the following:

1. Personalize the Menu: Create menu cards with your dad’s name on them and have his favorite tea blends on the menu.
2. Add Some Surprises: Include some surprises like a special gift, like his favorite book or a pair of socks.
3. Dress up: Dress up to match the occasion and take pictures to cherish the memories.
4. Add a Theme: You can add contemporary or classic themes to customize your dad’s tea party. For example, you can add a specific color theme or create a retro look.

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Menu Ideas

To create a memorable Father’s Day afternoon tea, you need an assortment of delectable treats and teas. Here are some Father’s Day afternoon tea ideas to inspire you:

1. Champagne Tea: Upgrade your tea with champagne and pair it with scones, smoked salmon sandwiches, and a deliciously rich chocolate cake.
2. Classic High Tea: Stick to tradition with a selection of finger sandwiches and bite-sized pies. Accompany it with a pot of good-quality tea.
3. Beer & Nachos Tea: A unique take on the traditional tea. Pair nachos with a selection of craft beer. Add mini burgers or hot dogs complete the meal.
4. BBQ Afternoon Tea: Serve up some grilled goodies like chicken skewers or mini meat pies. Add a refreshing beverage to accompany the meal.
5. Pizza & Tea: Offer different flavors of mini-pizza and have a variety of tea and milkshake to accompany the meal.
6. International Tea: Explore different international cuisines like Moroccan or Indian, and offer teas to complement the meals.

In Conclusion

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to think of how to show your dad how much you care for him. An afternoon tea makes for a perfect way to spend quality time together in a luxurious and indulgent environment. Ensure you create a memorable experience for him with your menu, choice of venue, and extra touches like personalization and themes. Make sure you also choose the perfect Father’s Day gift to show him how much you appreciate him.