Spoil Dad with an Afternoon Tea Fit for a King

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Spoil Dad with an Afternoon Tea Fit for a King

Father’s Day is a special time to let Dad know how much you appreciate him. What better way to honor him than with an afternoon tea fit for a king? It’s an opportunity to slow down and enjoy good food and conversation while celebrating the man you love. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of afternoon tea, how to prepare for it, some menu and recipe ideas, and how to set the scene for a memorable celebration.

The History of Afternoon Tea

As with many customs, the origin of afternoon tea is somewhat disputed. Some say it was invented by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, who in the early 1800s felt the need for a light meal between lunch and dinner. At that time, it was customary to have dinner at 8 pm, leaving a large gap between meals. She started inviting friends to join her for tea and light snacks, and word spread quickly.

Others argue that afternoon tea has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until Queen Victoria embraced it in the 19th century that it became popular across the nation. The Queen and her ladies-in-waiting made a routine of having a cup of tea and small bites around 4 pm daily. The tradition became synonymous with royalty and high society.

Today, afternoon tea is a beloved custom across the world, offering a chance to slow down and savor company alongside a selection of savory and sweet treats. It’s now an act of indulgence and celebration. And what better way to indulge your Dad than with a tea celebration in his honor?

How to Prepare for an Afternoon Tea Fit for Dad

Planning the perfect afternoon tea is easy with proper preparation. Here are some tips on how to lay the groundwork for a great celebration.

Guest List and Invitations:

Start by deciding on the guest list, keeping in mind Dad’s closest friends and family members. Once you have the list, plan on creating invites that showcase the theme and tone of the event. You can go for a traditional invite or an e-vite.

Location and Time:

Think about the location where the tea party will be held and the time of day. You may host it at your home, at a tea room, or in a park. Consider the time of day when the party will happen, and what light refreshments will be served.

Table settings:

Consider getting some elegant crockery sets for the tea party, find some charming glasses and silverware too. You can choose a theme for the tea party, that you can express through the choice of flowers, linens, etc.

Menu and Recipe Ideas

Now comes the fun part: deciding what delicious treats to serve. Here’s a list of menu items and recipe ideas to consider:

Savory Finger Sandwiches

Mini sandwiches are a great start to an afternoon tea. You can serve a variety of fillings like cucumber and cream cheese; smoked salmon; egg and cress; ham and mustard; and chicken and avocado.


Scones are a must-have when it comes to afternoon tea. You can either prepare them from scratch, or purchase them from a bakery. Top them up with clotted cream, and either strawberry, raspberry or blackberry jam.

Sweet Treats

No afternoon tea is complete without an array of sweet treats. Here are some ideas:

Mini cakes:

you can’t go wrong with sugar-coated doughnuts, mini cupcakes, and macarons.

Fruit Salad:

a refreshing and healthy option, perfect for those watching their calorie intake. A mix of seasonal fruit is perfect.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:

a luxurious addition to the table. Simply melt some chocolate over a bain-marie, dip the strawberries in, and let them set.

Setting the Scene for an Afternoon Tea Fit for a King

Setting the scene is as key to a successful tea party as the treats. Here are some ideas on how to enhance the ambiance:

Choose flowers that signal masculinity, like sunflowers, peonies, or tulips. You may also add greens like ferns and succulents to the mix

Select the perfect music to create a calming atmosphere

Choose soft light sources such as tea lights or fairy lights.

A comfortable seating arrangement is a must

Choose a color scheme that garners masculinity and royalty, like navy blue or deep burgundy

Have extra plates and linen napkins for spillages.


An afternoon tea is an excellent way to show Dad that he is loved and appreciated. With the right preparations and a bit of creativity, you can spoil your father with elegance, delicious food, and tailored surprises to the moment. A tea party is more than just tea. It offers an opportunity for connection, laughter, and celebration of a special relationship. So, get planning and celebrate the king in your life in style.