Tea Time with Dad: Celebrating Father’s Day with Afternoon Tea Delights

Tea Time with Dad: Celebrating Father’s Day with Afternoon Tea Delights

As Father’s Day approaches, many of us scramble to find the perfect way to show our dads just how much we appreciate them. While traditional gifts like coffee mugs or neckties are nice, why not switch it up this year and surprise your dad with a memorable afternoon tea experience?

Afternoon tea was invented in 1840 by Anna Maria Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford. She would become hungry in the afternoon, and so she asked for some tea, bread, and butter, which eventually developed into a full-blown tradition. Now, more than 180 years later, afternoon tea is still a beloved practice worldwide, with its dainty finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries.

Preparing an afternoon tea at home can be a challenging task, but with the help of establishments that specialize in it, you can sit back and focus on enjoying the tea with your dad. Many hotels, cafes, and restaurants offer afternoon tea, with some offering unique themes and twists to the traditional spread.

One such establishment is The Ritz-Carlton, which offers a Father’s Day-themed afternoon tea that is perfect for the occasion. The tea includes savory delights like “Smoked Salmon Mousse”, “Duo of Steak Tartare and Veal Tartare” and “Pork Belly Terrine”, all of which are sure to satisfy your dad’s appetite.

To complement the savory treats are sweet pastries like “Blackberry and Apple Tartlet”, “Coffee Basil Tart” and “Hazelnut Crunch Macaron”. They’re so pretty that you almost don’t want to eat them!

Apart from the delicious treats, the Ritz-Carlton’s Father’s Day-themed tea also includes a selection of loose-leaf teas, which come in unique flavors like “Smoky Caravan” and “Tropical Breeze”. Tea experts are on hand to guide you in selecting the perfect tea blend to match the food.

For the sweet-toothed dads who can never have enough dessert, you can opt for a dessert-focused afternoon tea. This will include items like “Chocolate-Covered Strawberries”, “Lemon Meringue Tart”, and “Strawberry Shortcake.”

The dessert afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental’s The Coffee Shop is a great option, with its sweet treats made from organic and locally sourced ingredients. They even have tea-infused desserts like “Jasmine Tea Cheesecake” and “Matcha Ice Cream”.

If your dad has a love for all things Parisian, then the tea at Paris Baguette is perfect for him. The pastry shop offers a “Bonjour, Papa!” tea set fitting for the occasion. It includes a mini croissant, their signature “red velvet macaron,” and a range of sweet and savory petite sandwiches.

For tea lovers who like to keep it traditional, classic afternoon tea is always a good choice. The Peninsula’s “Classic Afternoon Tea” is perfect for those looking for a quintessential afternoon tea experience. The iconic hotel chain is known for its elegant afternoon tea spread. Their tea service includes finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and a selection of sweet pastries.

Apart from the Peninsula, some hotels in Asia offer Japanese tea services. The Conrad in Tokyo has both a Japanese and a Western afternoon tea service. The Japanese tea service is the ultimate experience of omotenashi, the Japanese art of hospitality. Sake is served alongside matcha tea and an array of traditional Japanese confections.

If you’re more of a DIY kind of person, you can create your own afternoon tea at home. You can customize everything to your own liking, from the tea selection to the food. Think cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls, and delicious pastries.

When it comes to tea selection, you can opt for traditional English blends like Earl Grey or Darjeeling, or try something different like green tea or Chamomile. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make your own tea blend by mixing different types of loose tea leaves.

For the food spread, opt for delicate finger sandwiches with cress or watercress, cucumber, and salmon. Follow this up with some freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and jam, and finish off with macarons or strawberry tarts.

When it comes to presentation, make it special! Bring out your best tea set, and use a tiered stand to showcase the food. Use colorful napkins and floral arrangements to give the table a pop of color.

In conclusion, afternoon tea is a lovely way to celebrate Father’s Day and show your dad how much you appreciate him. Whether you opt for a luxurious tea service at a hotel or restaurant, or decide to create your own at home, the experience is sure to be memorable.

With so many different tea services available, there is something for every dad, from traditionalists to those who love a modern twist. So, this Father’s Day, skip the typical gifts and treat your dad to a luxurious afternoon tea – it’s the perfect way to show him just how special he is.